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Eric Martens is a retired Civil Lawyer who now provides Notary services in an easily accessible manner, and at reasonable cost. Mr. Martens has been a Notary Public for the Province of Manitoba for 30 years.

Services are provided by appointment either at a fixed location in Charleswood, or by travelling to a location of your choice, including office, hospital or residence, etc Same day appointments, including evenings and weekends, can often be arranged.

You receive services from a highly experience notary without the need for formal and time consuming appointments at a Law office.

Mr. Martens is registered with the Manitoba Department of Growth, Enterprise & Trade for document Authentication, and as well with the U.S. Embassy.

This website details services provided and fees for those services. For further questions or clarification, or to book an appointment, please contact by phone, email or text.

* Due to Mr. Martens retirement and non-practicing status, he cannot represent you in legal matters or provide legal advice.

Monday - Sunday: Flexible hours.
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