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What Is a Notary Public?

A person appointed by the Attorney General of the Province, and who is entrusted to provide certain services under seal, such as witnessing documents, declarations and affidavits, administering Oaths, certifying documents, verifying identities etc., which can be used interprovincially and worldwide.

Is a Notary Different From a Commissioner
for Oaths?


In Manitoba, a commissioner is a non-lawyer who can witness affidavits and declarations for use within the province only. A Notary is generally a lawyer (practicing or not), who performs those same functions, but also can certify true copies of documents and verify witnesses, all of which can be used worldwide.

What Is Certification / Certified True Copy?

A photocopy of an original document or ID that has been compared to the original by the Notary and identified with ‘stamp and seal’ to be a ‘True Copy of the Original’. This process allows people to send an ‘official document’ without having to release the original.

Is Eric Martens Registered as a Notary Public?

Yes. Seals and signature are registered with the Companies office located at 1034-405 Broadway, Winnipeg.

Do I Guarantee My Work?


Any problem with the documents due to my execution will be redone free of charge. However, clients are responsible for locating and using the correct forms and for filling them in properly and errors due to these things would be the client’s responsibility.

Locations of Work

Fixed location at 86 Shier Drive in Charleswood, or I can travel to the location of your choice, including hospitals and care facilities (see Fixed and Mobile fees under the heading, ‘Fees’).

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